United States Blackjack and Casino Gambling Analyzed

Where to Play Blackjack in the USA

USA Blackjack - Games in the United StatesWith over 1500 casinos, the United States is one of the greatest gambling destinations in the world. But not all states in the USA have legal casinos, and even in some states which do, card games like blackjack are sometimes not allowed. This page presents information about where you can gamble in America.

For example, the state of Alaska has little to offer gamblers, even though it's the largest state in the Union. But just because the state contains a lot of land doesn't mean that it's heavily populated--only 730,000 or so people live in Alaska, and if any of them want to gambler, they're limited to bingo and pull tab machines.

On the other hand, the state of Nevada is practically a gambling Mecca. It's home to Las Vegas and to Reno, both of which offer casino games (including blackjack) at properties galore.

Below you'll find a chart with the name of each state and details regarding the blackjack and gambling (if any) available there.

State Blackjack?
Alabama The only gambling available in Alabama consists of slot machines and race betting.
Alaska No casino games at all. Just bingo and pull tab machines.
Arizona Multiple casinos offer blackjack. Most hit on soft 17 and don't allow surrendering.
Arkansas Race betting only.
California Major casinos offer blackjack. They used to charge a 50 cent or $1 ante, but no longer.
Colorado The major casinos in the state do offer blackjack.
Connecticut Only two casinos in the state, Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun, but both offer blackjack games.
Delaware Dover Downs is the only casino in the state offering blackjack.
Florida Most South Florida casinos offer blackjack, and so do the many casino cruises there.
Georgia Only on the Emerald Princess Cruise, and only 8 tables or so.
Idaho Idaho's casinos only offer machine gaming, but some casinos offer video blackjack.
Illinois Most casinos there offer the game.
Indiana Plenty of 21 games available at various properties.
Iowa Plenty of 21 games here, too.
Kansas Some casinos offer the game; others don't.
Kentucky Only race betting available.
Louisiana Plenty of blackjack available here.
Maine Bingo and race betting only.
Maryland Maryland Live! Casino offers blackjack.
Massachusetts The Carnival Cruise line is the only casino offering any kinds of card games, but 21 is available there.
Michigan The state has multiple Native American casinos, many of which (but not all) do offer blackjack.
Minnesota Plenty of casinos in Minnesota offer blackjack.
Mississippi The Gulf Coast area has plenty of full service casinos with all of the most common casino games.
Missouri Several casinos in Kansas City offer blackjack games.
Montana Most of the casinos here are really small slot parlours, but a couple of places offer blackjack.
Nebraska Nothing but slot machines and racetracks, but Iowa isn't a long drive, especially if you're near Omaha.
Nevada This is the home of Las Vegas and Reno. You shouldn't even have to ask.
New Hampshire Nothing here but horse betting, folks.
New Jersey Plenty of games to be found in Atlantic City, of course.
New Mexico Lots of casinos here, many of which offer games of 21.
New York Lots of casinos and slot machines, and a few blackjack games, too.
North Carolina At Harrahs Cherokee Casino, yes.
North Dakota Many smaller casinos, but yes, you can find 21 games here.
Ohio Nothing but horse racing here.
Oklahoma You have to pay a 50 cent ante, but the game is available.
Oregon The state has 16 casinos with blackjack games.
Pennsylvania It's all about horse racing and slot machines in Pennsylvania.
Rhode Island The state has only a single casino, and the only gaming available there is in the form of slot machines and video poker.
South Carolina Only on the 2 casino cruises.
South Dakota Yes, blackack is available here. It is the Old West, after all.
Texas No casinos in Texas, but Oklahoma isn't too far a drive, depending on where you're located in Texas.
Virginia Nothing but horse racing in this state.
Washington Yes, blackjack is available at the casinos in the state of Washington.
West Virginia Nothing here for 21 players--just slots and horse betting.
Wisconsin Some casinos in the state offer blackjack games, while others are slot machines only.
Wyoming The state only has 3 gambling venues, none of which offer blackjack.

That's just a summary of information state by state about what's available. As we continue to grow the site, we'll link the names of the states to pages with more details, although not all states will need such a page.