Recommended Blackjack and Gambling Websites

Editorially Chosen Sites with Information about How to Gamble

Recommended Websites about Blackjack and GamblingBelow you'll find links to about 20 of the best blackjack and gambling websites on the Internet. Some of these links point to internal pages on sites that are also listed here--usually that's when a site has an excellent section about blackjack specifically. I've included links to some of the best directories of gambling sites online, too, so following these links can set you off on a journey that could take you a long, but enjoyable, time. - This is Stanford Wong's blackjack site, but it also includes information about other "beatable" casino games like sports betting and poker. Wong is the author of some of the best books on blackjack and other gambling topics available. The forums on the site are exceptional.

Blackjack in Color - Norman Wattenberger's web-based book about how blackjack works. This site is refreshing because it contains no flashing online casino ads, but he does offer card counting software for sale. This software provides training and analysis; it's not meant to be used in casinos, as that would be cheating. The information on the site is excellent, and the advertising is low key and not at all intrusive.

Blackjack Info - Ken Smith is the host of this site, which offers customizable blackjack strategy charts. The site also features an archive of the forums that used to be quite active, and lots of articles and information about blackjack, gambling, and card counting. Ken's a nice guy, and he really knows his stuff.

Blackjack Tournaments - This site is also owned by Ken Smith, and it focuses on strategies for winning more money playing tournament blackjack. The content on this site is presented in a message board format, but the community is friendly and active. - This site is aimed at blackjack players in Australia. They have different rules there, and slot machines (which they call "pokies") are a lot more popular. Nonetheless, if you want some tips for playing in the land down under, this is the place to go. - A detailed guide to the business side of online gambling. Includes biographies of the CEOs of a variety of gambling sites. Also features the history of many of the most prominent sites in the industry.

Joeant: Gambling - JoeAnt is a human-edited directory run by volunteers. In that respect, it's like DMOZ (The Open Directory). But JoeAnt does offer a paid submission program, and they're a lot more open-minded and less discriminatory when it comes to allowing editors to volunteer. A lot of the sites listed in their gambling category are really high quality.

Las Vegas Websites Make Him HappyJoeant: Online Blackjack - It's not an easy task to navigate one's way through the myriad, labyrinthine hallways of JoeAnt's category tree, so I linked directly to their blackjack category from here. Most of the sites listed here are pretty legitimate, too.

Open Directory: Blackjack - The DMOZ project used to be one of the Internet's most glorious achievements, but the community of editors there has become so insular that it's hard to get most of the categories updated. That being said, the blackjack category lists some fine sites with unique, high quality content.

Open Directory: Gambling - This category has multiple subcategories. Many of these categories are actually quite up-to-date, although a few of the listings here feature more advertising than we're comfortable with. That's why we linked directly to the listings instead of listing each site here.

Pagat: Blackjack Rules - John's site about card games features an excellent overview of blackjack games and how to play. You can also find information on just about any other card game you could possibly imagine here, too.

Slots Guy - If you're into slot machines, this website features reviews of hundreds of different games. Some of the reviews are for online games, while others are for traditional, land-based casino games. Either way, there's a lot of information about slots to digest here.

Two Plus Two - Mostly they publish books about poker strategy, but they also published Sklansky on Blackjack, which is one of my favorite books about our favorite card game. The discussion forums here are excellent, but they're not necessarily the friendliest or most welcoming bunch. - Michael Bluejay's guide to Las Vegas. He includes several entertaining and well-written guides to casino games, as well as other, more obscure information, like where you should eat in Vegas if you're a vegetarian. A great, quirky site. Blackjack - Bluejay's quirky and fun guide to how to play blackjack.

What Is Gambling? - A question and answer site about gambling. Includes several pages about blackjack, but covers the whole gamut of gambling searches. The blog is updated almost every day, five days a week.

Wikihow: Blackjack - I'm quite fond of this user-driven how to guide, and their article about blackjack is better than most professionally written pieces about the game. And if you don't like something about the page, you can change it. It's a wiki.

Wise Guy Blackjack - Another blackjack site I like. This one approaches the subject from a slightly different angle than my site.

Wizard of Odds - Michael Shackleford's excellent and nearly comprehensive guide to the math behind gambling and casino games. This site has been online for years, and Shackleford is a true gentleman, as well as a talented writer.

Wizard of Odds: Blackjack - A link directly to his blackjack page. He has multiple other pages on his site about blackjack, too.

Yahoo: Blackjack - The Yahoo Directory operates differently from the JoeAnt and DMOZ directories. They employ professional editors, and to get a listing there, you're required to pay a relatively steep fee of at least $299--just to have your site reviewed! As a result, the site features a pretty discriminating list of links.

Yahoo: Gambling - The broader gambling category here includes listings for sites about other games and gambling in general. A truly delightful resource.

I'll add more links to this page when and if I find sites that I like. Please be aware that I received nothing in exchange for these links--they are true editorial recommendations based on my personal experiences at various sites on the Internet. I try to hold the sites on this page to a high standard.